Book Launch – Israel on my heart

What a great evening last night, to honour Israel as Patrick Rolleston (one of our board members) launched his booklet “Israel on my heart” (you can invite him to speak at your Church).

Desire of all Nations Church with Pastor Russell van Wyk is leading by example in Cape Town, in the way in which they honour Israel, materially bless the Jewish people and pray for the peace of Jerusalem in accordance with Scripture.

Thank you Tracy & Zuki for leading us in worship and praise and Barry & Braun for their prophetic song “This and is mine”.

And we were touched and moved by first hand stories from the Holocaust by Elizabeth Syre, Gwynne Schrire and Freda.

Tiny Jones (one of our board members) encouraged and educated us (remember you can ask him to come and share/teach at your Church).

Then Patrick gave his testimony and how this book came to be written and a beautiful video clip from his daughter and her family from New Zealand – you can see grandfather’s passion has rubbed off, their children zealously pray for Israel.

The Israeli Ambassador sent a letter of congratulations and Rowan Polovin, the chairman of the Zionest Federation thanked Patrick and all those at the meeting for the warm feeling of friendship towards him and the Jewish community.

It is a very practical booklet in both English & Afrikaans with the call to action and guide on how to pray for Israel – Am Israel Chai!

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  • […] One of our new board members, Patrick Rollestan, is a member of the Desire of all Nations church in Cape Town and arranged a four week course which Tiny Jones (our new chairperson) presented during August on the covenants of the Bible as well as Israel in the light of Biblical prophecy. An average of 250 people attended each meeting.  Patrick also launched his book, “Israel on my Heart”, at a highly successful event at his church on 15 Nov 2016 – Read More. […]

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